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Occidental Bids Due on July 1

Although it's been reported that the Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board will hold a hearing to decide whether to submit a bid, there has been no public notice of such a hearing.

Occidental Petroleum Corp has asked for bids by July 1 for selling its assets in Wyoming’s checkerboard. The assets includes 1 million acres of private land and 4 million acres of mineral rights along the Union Pacific Railroad corridor in southwestern Wyoming. The properties are interspersed with lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in what is known as Wyoming’s checkerboard. The assets involved include trona, coal and mining, oil and gas, and the surface itself. The deal also includes mineral rights and lands in Utah and Colorado.

Reuters reports that in an interview Wednesday, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon said that the Wyoming State Lands and Investment Board plans to hold a public hearing early next week to decide if it will bid on the surface and mineral properties. Public notice of such a hearing or meeting is not currently posted on the SLIB website.

Should Gordon be successful in his quest to have the State of Wyoming acquire the property, it would be the largest government purchase of private land since the United States purchased Alaska. Read what details are known here.

Reuters also reported that Occidental received 13 bids in the first round to its sales process.

The deal also includes 190,000 acres of mineral rights in Colorado, but the Denver Business Journal reports that the Colorado land board will not be bidding on the deal.

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