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Legalizing Weed, Tolling I-80, Countywide School Districts

From legalizing marijuana, to making both the attorney general and state health officer elected positions, of the 248 bills filed in the Wyoming House, and 157 bills filed in the Senate, there is a broad range of subject matter. With today’s deadline for Senate files to be introduced, and a Friday deadline for bills in the House, there has been a flurry of new filings in the last few days.

Notable bills in the Senate include:

Senate File 73, sponsored by Senators Case and Pappas, would create a tolling authority for I-80. Referred to the Senate Transportation Committee.

Senate File 122 would create the Wyoming Agriculture Authority to diversify and expand the Wyoming economy and its agriculture industry, and to coordinate strategies with the department of agriculture to improve agricultural processing facilities and capabilities. Referred to Senate Ag Committee. Referred to Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senate File 135 sponsored by Larry Hicks and others, pertains to water rights on public land. The legislation, if passed, would provide requirements for a water right permit secured for purposes of watering livestock on federal land; provide for the perfection and appropriation of springs and spring water located on federal lands; identify the appropriator of water on federal lands as jointly held between the holder of the permit to graze and the federal land agency. Referred to Senate Ag Committee.

Senate File 153 sponsored by Larry Hicks would prohibit the state from requiring nonprofit affiliation information as well as from disclosing nonprofit affiliation information. Referred to Senate Corporations Committee.

Senate File 155, by Senator(s) Driskill, Biteman, Bouchard and Salazar, would limit firearm seizure and regulation during a declared state of emergency, as well as prohibit restrictions or quantity limitations on firearms, ammunition or personal weapons. Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There are numerous bills in the Senate dealing with BlockChain technology, and bills in both houses that propose numerous changes to Wyoming’s election procedures, as well as bills related to abortions and numerous gun rights bills.

Over in the House:

House Bill 209 would establish licensing requirements and procedures for the production, testing and sale of marijuana, and generally provide for the regulation of marijuana-related activities. The bill is sponsored by a bipartisan group of Republicans, Democrats, and a Libertarian, including Representatives Olsen, Baker, Barlow, Brown, Burt, Connolly, Provenza, Romero-Martinez, Sweeney, Western, Yin and Zwonitzer and Senators Case and Rothfuss.

House Bill 192, sponsored by Sublette County’s Albert Sommers with Senators Driskill and Hicks, would impose a sales tax on entrance fees to national parks and monuments in Wyoming, with the proceeds used for projects to preserve wildlife habitat or to reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

House Bill 77, sponsored by Representative Dan Zwonitzer and others, would create a planning committee to report on consolidation and a plan to reorganize the school districts within Wyoming, to no more than 24 school districts.

Here’s a quick summary of House Bills related to the pandemic:

HB0010 COVID-19 large business relief program

HB0056 Public health orders – 2

HB0059 Public health emergencies – immunity amendments 3

HB0098 Public health orders – reforms.

HB0113 Public health orders – limitations

HB0202 State employees – salary suspension public health emergency

HB0203 Small business relief

HB0204 Small business relief loan programs

HB0230 State health officer – governor appointed

Here’s a quick summary of Senate Files related to the pandemic:

SF019 Public Health emergencies – immunity amendments

SF030 Pandemic response review task force

SF050 COVID-19 business relief programs agriculture

SF080 Public health orders – local and legislative oversight

SF0094 Prohibiting coerced vaccinations

SF0095 Election of state health officer

SF0118 Federal emergency COVID-19 relief funding

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