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Ferris-Seminoe bighorns

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The Wyoming Game & Fish Department is proposing to change the population objective for the Ferris-Seminoe bighorn sheep herd near Rawlins (Hunt Areas 17 & 26).

The current objective is a post-hunting season population estimate of 300 sheep.  Instead of a population estimate, WG&F proposes using a mid-winter trend count of 300 sheep. Currently the herd is estimated to contain approximately 245 sheep. 

• Changing from an estimate-based objective to a trend count objective while keeping the number at 300 (estimating there are 300 sheep versus actually observing 300 sheep)          means the population would actually be more than 300 because not all animals are seen during trend count surveys.

• According to recently completed habitat evaluations from WG&F field personnel and University of Wyoming researchers, there are lightly used and unoccupied bighorn sheep habitats available in the herd unit. 

• This proposed change would not involve expanding the boundaries of the Herd Unit.

WG&F has provided this information to all landowners within the herd unit, and has notified all members of the Wyoming Bighorn Sheep-Domestic Sheep Interactions Working Group since this area is defined as a Cooperative Review Area under the group's plan, which requires proposed changes in bighorn sheep management or domestic sheep use to be cooperatively evaluated.

Read the details in the documents linked below. If you have any questions, or would like more information, contact Daryl Lutz, WG&F Wildlife Management Coordinator at 307-335-2616 or Daryl.Lutz@wyo.gov.

2020 Ferris-Seminoe Bighorn Sheep Object
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Ferris-Seminoe Bighorn Sheep Herd Object
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