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BigGame Forever Goes to Court to Keep Secrets

Our two-part series “Profiting from Wildlife Controversy in Utah” examined the activities and funding involved in the State of Utah contracts totaling more than $12 million to BigGame Forever (BGF) and its associates.

Today, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Brian Maffly reports that BGF has gone to court in attempt to prevent the State of Utah from disclosing the subcontractors BGF used to spend more than $5 million in tax money since 2012.

According to Maffly, independent journalist Eric S. Peterson has been pursuing disclosures of BGF’s contractors under the state transparency law, but the Utah Department of Natural Resources declined to disclose the information. Peterson took the case to the Utah State Record Committee, which ruled in favor of disclosure.

Now BGF has filed a lawsuit in state district court in attempt to keep the information secret, alleging it is akin to trade secrets.

Read Maffly’s article in the Salt Lake Tribune, “Anti-wolf group goes to court to keep Utahns from knowing how it spends tax money,” here.

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