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It can be aggravating to read and listen to news of the American West in which it seems like the reporter is a visitor to a foreign land. Yet the story is presented to the public of environmental devastation caused by (insert current hot-button issue here). These reports fail to grasp the reality of the American West, the people who inhabit the region, and the complexities involved in our relationship with the landscape.


Here in the West, landscapes are more than backdrops – they are essential characters in our lives. When I look out across a western landscape, I don’t just see mountains and sagebrush steppe, but I see the people and communities that are so intimately connected to them. Those pristine areas the world is told needs protection have been managed in that condition for eons – by the people connected to the land. Large carnivores? We’ve got those too. Although some species were once endangered, that’s all history when it comes to species like grizzly bears and gray wolves in the Northern Rockies. But that's not the story often told to the American public.

Range Writing.com was founded by Cat Urbigkit, a writer and photographer based on a western Wyoming sheep and cattle ranch. A reporter and book author for decades, Urbigkit's vision is for Range Writing to become your go-to website for current natural resource reporting in the American West. Although the site is currently Wyoming-centric, that will broaden as we set out on this journey across the western landscape. 

We’ll provide coverage of wildlife management issues, species profiles, proposed actions at the state and federal level, legislative news, and we’ll take deep dives into the most recent scientific publications. We’ll let you know what’s happening with resource management agencies, and how you might want to get involved.

Our boots are firmly planted on this range, and hope you’ll join us on a journey to increase your connection with this region we are fortunate to call home.

Thanks for giving us a read, and if you like what you see, please consider supporting our site with a donation, sponsorship, or advertising.

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